Tuesday Associates has an impressive winning record.  Our victories range from Mayor to statewide ballot initiatives to Constitutional offices across the nation.  Our efforts have been repeatedly called “brilliant” by the media.

The key features to our victories have been superior strategy, aggressive grassroots organizing, development of detailed voter files, award-winning direct mail and phone programs, first-rate media plans, cutting-edge social media, and record setting fundraising.

Winning today requires creativity, uniqueness, quality strategic planning and the ability to think beyond traditional boundaries.  Succeeding in this ever-evolving political marketplace requires innovative strategies, powerful communications, direct mail that delivers a powerful message, outstanding fundraising and creative social media.  Most importantly, the know-how to make it work for your campaign.

For more than two decades, we have worked to help Republicans get elected to office and promote government accountability issues.  These campaigns entailed an understanding of message, strategy, tactics, management, budgeting, fundraising, voter contact, and public relations.   We focus on tailoring and implementing a custom plan that will result in success.

Our expertise and knowledge include:

  • General Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Grassroots Development
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Voter Contact Mail Programs
  • Incumbency Protection Programs
  • Phone Banking
  • Fundraising
  • Targeting
  • List Development
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • Email Fundraising
  • Event Planning

Meet Holly Robichaud

Holly Robichaud has over two decades of experience in consulting on campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels.  Her impressive winning record ranges from Mayor to statewide ballot initiatives to Constitutional offices from Wyoming to Massachusetts.

Over twenty years ago, Holly started her own political consulting firm, Tuesday Associates, specializing in campaign strategy, media relations, direct mail, voter contact programs, and fundraising.

Her campaign efforts have received national recognition.  She is a six-time Pollie Award winner and been honored for her talking cards, brochures, and fundraising emails designs and writing.  In 2015, Holly received the highest award for the Best Ballot Campaign of the Year.

Holly at Pollies 2015

She has also received a prestigious Reed Award from Campaigns & Elections magazine for innovative designs of campaign literature and was named to Aristotle’s National Republican Dream Team.  Previously, Holly was selected as a “Rising Star” by Campaigns & Elections.  As a fundraiser she has set record for statewide, Congressional and local campaigns and Political Action Committees.

Holly is also widely known throughout the electronic broadcast media.  She is a former WRKO radio talk show host.  Presently, Holly regularly appears on several Massachusetts radio stations.

Holly is used to campaigning behind enemy lines.  She spearheaded the statewide ballot question to repeal automatic gas tax hikes.  Her team was one of only three campaigns nationwide to collect signatures only using volunteers.  Despite being outspent 31 to 1 in the bluest of blue states, she won the campaign with 53% of the vote saving taxpayers $2 billion.

Holly’s victories also include defeating one of Massachusetts’ well-known and long-term urban Democrats.  Her cutting edge voter contact program was credited by the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and a multitude of radio and television stations for this upset victory.  In fact, her marketing was called “brilliant” by numerous media outlets.

She has also won multiple times the toughest races in the northeast.  In 2016, she won every primary for her clients.  Focusing on voter analysis and GOTV strategies, in many races her clients have overcome 3 to 1 and event 5 to 1 party registration disadvantages.

A frequent lecturer on politics and campaigns, Holly has been a political analyst on FOX News, New England Cable News, WRKO, WBZ, WATD, WTAG, Rush Radio, WTKK and WXTK and many more.  She has been quoted in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Human Events, the Los Angeles Times, Real Clear Politics, the Hill, the Drudge Report and numerous other publications across the country for her expertise on campaign strategies.

Holly has worked and trained GOP candidates in over 35 states.  Currently, Holly is an instructor for several campaign schools including the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and American Medication Association.  She has also trained for GOPAC, the Leadership Institute, and Winning Campaigns magazine.  As the lead trainer for NFRW, her efforts have produced hundreds of winnings.  Her campaign schools focus on messaging, tactics, targeting, earned media, grassroots organizing, fundraising, voter contact, social media, GOTV and the latest techniques.

In 1988, Holly was elected to the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, defeating a 20-year incumbent.  When elected she was the youngest woman ever to hold the post.  In her home state of Massachusetts, she has served as Chief of Staff for the House Republican Leader and worked as the Research Director for the State Treasurer.


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