Tuesday Associates Services

Tuesday Associates understands what it takes to build a winning political organization. We are a hands-on consulting firm.

Tuesday Associates has overlapping expertise in multiple campaign services. Employed individually, each service can be an invaluable asset to your campaign or organization. When used in combination, they can create a multiplier effect that can be indomitable and unmatched.

The advantages of Tuesday Associates:

  • We only handle a limited number of campaigns and organizations guaranteeing quality and timely service.
  • We develop strong relationships with our clients, so you know we are invested in your campaign.
  • Our award winning direct mail delivers a compelling message with a sense of urgency that motivates the reader to donate or vote or both.
  • We are professionals who will immediately impact your strategy and fundraising system. It will not take us months to make progress.
  • Routinely being outnumbered by Democrats, we deliver superior strategy that maximizes resources at the right time and place.
  • Tuesday Associates provides a high level of personalized service. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to strategy, voter contact, media or fundraising.
  • Your campaign acquires a proven professional who will be a valuable member of your team.

General Consulting

We use our more than two decades of strategic expertise to motivate voters to go to the polls.

Tuesday Associates has produced literally hundreds of campaign plans.  We build winning strategies and timelines that put campaigns on the road to victory.  Our detailed plans contain all the necessary information to organize effectively.  Moreover, we work with your team on  implementation.

Whether by phone, mail, public relations or social media, campaigns are all about communications.  Will you control the agenda or will your opponent?  We will integrate an effective earned, electronic and social media strategy into your campaign plan.  Furthermore, we will help you create the right response to your opponent’s actions and maximize the possibilities when opportunities arise.

Tuesday Associates will work directly with your campaign team to ensure your effort is moving in the right direction and staying on track.  Our general consulting services cover these areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Message development
  • Earned media programs
  • Social media strategy
  • Timeline development
  • Crisis management
  • Budgeting
  • GOTV planning

Direct Mail

Great mail doesn’t just happen.  It comes from years of experience and creative ideas.

When you need to reach your audience through mail, you can count on us for designs and clear message that produces results.  We know how to engage voters.

We specialize in creating direct mail that is delivered on time, and with a message that will persuade voters.  Remember, you are not only competing in the mailbox against your opponent’s mail, but you are competing against bills and the Victoria Secret catalog.

We have superior communication strategies, award-winning designs, and a targeting system to get the high impact message to the right voting population.  Our specialties include:

  • Creative layout and copy
  • Targeted list development
  • Voter turnout mail
  • Social pressure mail
  • Persuasion mail
  • Talking cards
  • Specialty pieces

Media Relations

Tuesday Associates is an industry leader in developing comprehensive and successful publicity campaigns.  We have decades of experience in achieving results for campaigns, elected officials, and causes.  Our skill set includes problem solving, media environment assessment, targeting, and message development.  These tactics position our clients to grow their campaigns through earned public media opportunities.

We provide a custom approach, designed to meet the requirements of each client through comprehensive planning.  We know how the media works inside out which gives our clients the advantage over their opponents in the war for coverage and positioning.  Our clients have been featured on Fox News, CNN, the Laura Ingram show, national blogs, and so much more.

We are not a typical firm that issues press releases and hopes for the best.  We use both an aggressive and strategic approach for delivering messages that support the overall strategy and goals.  We develop short and long term plans for gaining public recognition along with defining the opposition.

Moreover, we are experts in crisis management both before and after the issues go public.  Our know-how can not only help minimize the damage, but also protect the campaign.  Our philosophy is “let’s turn lemons into lemonade.”  It is this positive positioning that has helped our clients survive and thrive through a crisis.


It cannot be said enough –“money is the mother’s milk of politics.”  The prototype fundraising plan used to be a group of wealthy businessmen raising money from personal connections.  Nowadays fundraising is multi-faceted involving events, finance committees, personal solicitation, website, email, social media, and direct mail.

The key to fundraising is not only a well-connected finance committee, but it is also an integrated direct response program.  Just as you need to develop a campaign plan for contacting voters, you need an aggressive fundraising plan to raise sufficient funds.

In many states, campaign contributions are used to buy access – or at least the self-congratulatory sense that access might, in theory, be a possibility.  This breaks the bonds of shared experience, commonality, and ideology between the contributor and candidate or party represented by a candidate.  Many contributors are simply making a bet – and the only thing that matters is whether the pundits say a campaign can win.

Our approach is different.  We find contributors who want a candidate or a cause to win and want it to win enough to give regardless of what the pundits say.  That’s what we have done again and again.

Grassroots fundraising is like building a field operation.  It starts with answering the question: “Why?”  Why would someone want to give?

Finding out the issues, broad ideology, affiliations, commonality, and what have you that motivates giving will then lead you to the next question: “Who?”  Who can give and how much?

How we address this is our trade secret, but after we have determined the targeted market, we’re on to the next question: “How?”  How do we communicate with them and create the environment in which they will give?

Our goal is to build a profitable program that relies on aggressive direct mail and email techniques, effective event planning, along with an attention to identifying, researching and motivating individuals who will take on volunteer fundraising responsibilities on behalf of the organization.

Organizations that raise money ask for it.  Organizations that don’t raise sufficient funds don’t ask or more likely, don’t ask enough.  Our program assures that every potential contributor to your organization has been asked to give as much and as often as possible.

Our services include:

  • Event planning
  • Finance committee development
  • Direct mail fundraising
  • List development
  • New Media
  • Email copy

Incumbency Protection Programs

Once you get elected, Tuesday Associates stays engaged so that you are successfully re-elected.  We develop methodical incumbency plans that scare away potential opponents.  And the fools that do challenge you, we crush them.

Direct Mail & Email Fundraising

Not only can we help you stuff the ballot box, but we can help you stuff the mailbox and inbox with donations.  Our award-winning mail and email delivers a compelling message with a sense of urgency that triggers the reader to make a donation.


Phones are an integral part of voter contact programs.  We use both live and automated calls to deliver your message.  Our custom phone programs can give you the winning advantage.

All too often voters despise robo calls.  Our electronic call strategy delivers powerful messages with limiting annoyance to voters.  It’s a cost effective way of communicating.

Not only do we write the message, but we coach our candidates on how to record a quality sound-file that gets listened to and leaves the right impression.

Social Media

Tuesday Associates stays ahead of what’s trending to give our clients the edge.  We provide our clients attention-grabbing stills and videos that deliver powerful and targeted messages.  We know how to grow support and votes cost effectively through social media.


Tuesday Associates is available to provide you and your team training programs.  We conduct seminars ranging from a two-day program on how to write a winning campaign plan to customized seminars on fundraising and earned media.  We also provide media coaching.  Call us before  you talk to the press.


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