General Consulting

We use our more than two decades of strategic expertise to motivate voters to go to the polls. Tuesday Associates has produced literally hundreds of campaign plans.  We build winning strategies and timelines that put campaigns on the road to victory.  Our detailed plans contain all the necessary information to organize effectively.  Moreover, we work with your team on  implementation. LEARN MORE

Our general consulting services cover these areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Message development
  • Earned media programs
  • Social media strategy
  • Timeline development
  • Crisis management
  • Budgeting

Media Relations

Tuesday Associates is an industry leader in developing comprehensive and successful publicity campaigns.  We have decades of experience in achieving results for campaigns, elected officials, and causes.  Our skill set includes problem solving, media environment assessment, targeting, and message development.  These tactics position our clients to grow their campaigns through earned public media opportunities. LEARN MORE

Direct Mail

Great mail doesn’t just happen.  It comes from years of experience and creative ideas. When you need to reach your audience through mail, you can count on us for designs and clear message that produces results.  We know how to engage voters. We specialize in creating direct mail that is delivered on time, and with a message that will persuade voters. LEARN MORE

Our specialties include:

  • Creative layout and copy
  • Targeted list development
  • Voter turnout mail
  • Social pressure mail
  • Persuasion mail
  • Talking cards
  • Specialty pieces

Tuesday Associates has an impressive winning record.

Our victories range from Mayor to statewide ballot initiatives to Constitutional offices across the nation. Our efforts have been repeatedly called “brilliant” by the media.

The key features to our victories have been superior strategy, aggressive grassroots organizing, development of detailed voter files, award-winning direct mail and phone programs, first-rate media plans, cutting-edge social media, and record setting fundraising.

In the News

Dems think state loses if you save $$

Holly Robichaud Monday, November 26, 2012 The never­ending saga of Taxachusetts is coming to our wallets soon. Whether or not there is a need for more revenue, the fundamental problem is that Democrats have a delusional view about our money.They believe what we don’t...


Do you know what happens this week? Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving and eat too much, but then there is black Friday. I’m not talking about the largest shopping day of the year, but rather the day when politicians announce all the bad news that they want buried over...


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